Wednesday, 21st April, 2021

Riverside Optimisation Project planning application

The Riverside Resource Recovery Facility (‘RRRF’) operated by Riverside Resource Recovery Limited (trading as part of the Cory Riverside Energy group (Cory)) is an Energy Recovery Facility (‘ERF’) situated at Norman Road in Belvedere within the London Borough of Bexley (‘LBB’).

Operating since 2011, RRRF has recently been fitted internally with an upgraded operational control system. This technology enables RRRF to be operated more efficiently than its original design when first built.

In order to realise this increased efficiency, the terms of the relevant permissions that RRRF currently operates under needs to be amended.

Consequently, Riverside Resource Recovery Limited is submitting to the Secretary of State for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (‘BEIS’) an application (‘the Application’) under section 36C of the Electricity Act 1989 to:

  • amend the power generation description of RRRF in the 2015 s.36 Variation (reference GDBC/003/00001C-06) to change the energy generation limit from ‘up to 72MW’ to ‘up to ‘80.5MW’;
  • vary the conditions attached to the 2017 Permission for RRRF (reference 16/02167/FUL), to increase the maximum waste throughput from 785,000 tonnes per annum (‘tpa’) to 850,000 tpa; and
  • amend the 2015 s.36 Variation and to incorporate into the new deemed planning permission the amendments authorised by the Secretary of State in the Riverside Energy Park (‘REP’) Development Consent Order (‘DCO’)1 regarding the ash storage area for RRRF and use of the jetty by both RRRF and REP

These changes together are called the Riverside Optimisation Project, or ‘ROP’. More information on RRRF’s existing operations and ROP is provided in application submitted under section 36C of the Electricity Act 1989 and included below:

Title Appendix A.5 Drawing 2.4A
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Title Appendix A.7 REP Works Plan Sheet 2
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Title Appendix B.2 Predicted Impacts of Primary Pollutants at Human Receptors
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Title Appendix D.1 Carbon Assessment
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Title Cover Letter – Application for a section 36C variation under the Electricity Act 1989 and a section 90 direction under the TCPA 1990
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Title Appendix B.4 Note on Public Health and Evidence 50407 Riverside Optimisation Project EIA Report Non-Technical Summary
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Title 50407 Riverside Optimisation Project EIA Report Volume 1 Main Report
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Title Appendix A.2 ROP EIA Scoping Report
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Title Appendix B.1 Figures
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Title Appendix A.6 Drawing D1.2
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Title 50407 ROP Habitats Regulations Assessment
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Title 50407 Riverside Optimisation Project EIA Report Volume 2 Appendices
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Title Appendix A.1 Application Site Location Plan Planning Statement
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Title Appendix A.3 BEIS EIA Scoping Opinion
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Title Regulation 5 and Regulation 22(5) Notice
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Title Appendix A.4 EIA Team Expertise and Qualifications
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Title Planning Statement
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