The project presents a watershed moment in London’s decarbonisation journey by transforming how a large part of the city is supplied with heat.

Cory’s existing Riverside 1 EfW facility at Belvedere, South East London, will provide up to 30MW of heat for up to 10,500 homes in the London Borough of Bexley and the Royal Borough of Greenwich via the proposed heat network.


Current progress

Cory’s planned Riverside 2 EfW facility, which will be located next to the existing one, is now under consutruction and will be able to supply an additional 10,500 homes with 30MW of low-carbon heat.

Harnessing the heat from the two facilities could make the heat network one of the largest in the UK, supplying a total of 21,000 homes with low-carbon heat.


of low-carbon heat supplied to 21,000 homes

District heating with energy from waste

Heat decarbonisation represents a significant challenge. District heating is a key part of the solution.

It is more resource-efficient to make use of an existing energy from waste (EfW) heat source before considering new sources of low-carbon heat.


Currently, most homes are not heated in a low carbon way, with 85% of homes in the UK heated with natural gas.


Heating homes and buildings accounts for a third of the UK's carbon footprint.


For every megawatt (MW) of spare heat produced by EfW, around 25,000 tonnes of non-recyclable, 'black bag' waste are processed.