London and the South East of England are facing a significant capacity gap in its ability to dispose of and treat all its waste. Over 3 million tonnes of London’s waste must either be landfilled or sent overseas.

Riverside 2

Cory is developing a second EfW facility adjacent to Riverside 1. Riverside 2 will address the critical need within London, the South East and East of England for additional waste processing infrastructure. 

Riverside 2 will be one of the largest and most efficient EfW facilities in the UK, processing 650,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste generating enough electricity to power 176,000 homes each year.

The facility will utilise well established moving grate technology. This technology has been successfully deployed across numerous operational EfW facilities in the UK including Riverside 1.

The facility will be operated by Cory’s in-house O&M team that has developed a proven track record in the EfW sector with over 12 years operating history at the adjacent Riverside 1 facility.

Riverside 2 will share existing infrastructure with Riverside 1 capturing efficiency benefits and enhancing operational resilience through increased redundancy.

Item 1


Tonnes of non-recyclable waste turned into energy

Item 2


Homes could be powered by Riverside 2

Current progress

Following the Secretary of State’s decision in April 2020 to grant development consent for Riverside 2, construction began in January 2023 so that the facility can be generating electricity and heat for London’s homes and treating more of London’s waste by 2026.

Copies of all the documents we presented at our consultations can be downloaded on website:

View consultation documents   

We will be able to expand our ability to generate and provide baseload energy to London’s homes and businesses.

In doing this, we will allow a lot more non-recyclable waste to be treated within London for the benefit of London. This will complement recycling, minimise landfill, take lorries off the roads and create new jobs.


  • Development consent order granted: 2020

  • Development financing: Q4 2022

  • Commencing construction: Q1 2023

  • Operational: 2026

DCO implementation

General Vesting Declaration Number 1 can be read here.

General Vesting Declaration Number 2 can be read here.


If you have any questions or feedback about Riverside 2, please call 0330 838 4254 (normal landline rates apply) or email