Cory intends to apply CCS technology to the UK’s largest single-site energy from waste (EfW) operation, with the potential to create the world’s largest single-site EfW decarbonisation project. By 2030, this could capture c. 1.3 million tonnes of CO2 per annum – providing a significant contribution to reducing the carbon emissions of the several million people Cory services in London and the South East. 

Further information about the project can be found here.

Carbon capture and storage project

The CCS project will involve the installation of technology to capture 90% of the emissions from Cory’s existing EfW facility, and its new, adjacent EfW facility which is expected to be operational by 2026. By capturing biogenic as well as fossil emissions from waste, such a project will play an important part in decarbonising hard-to-abate sectors of the economy, which has been recognised by the Committee on Climate Change as essential for the UK to meet its net zero target.

The project intends to use marine shipment to transport liquefied CO2 to an offshore subsea storage site, building on Cory’s maritime expertise which extends from the late 1700s. It highlights the strategic importance of the Thames as existing, natural infrastructure which could help to establish a transportation hub to ship CO2 from several other major industrial facilities in the region. The river reduces the need for complex infrastructure to transport CO2 and provides flexibility and confidence as Cory will be able to access operational subsea storage locations, including the industrial clusters already selected by the UK Government.

District heat network

The CCS project is part of Cory’s wider decarbonisation strategy, which includes the development of one of the largest district heating networks in the UK with Vattenfall. The otherwise wasted heat and water produced in the capture process would be channelled to the heat network, enhancing the environmental performance, operational efficiency and community benefit of the carbon capture system by enabling the network to heat many more homes.

We plan to capture and store...

Item 1

1.3 million

Tonnes of CO2 per annum 


Tonnes of CO2 per day 

Item 3


Of our combined fossil and biogenic emissions   


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