2022 was a landmark year for the Group. Whilst continuing to deliver operational excellence with its existing assets in London, the Group also made a significant acquisition in East London and reached financial close on our Riverside 2 energy from waste project, which has essentially doubled the scale of the Group. Cory’s river-based business model is unique in the UK, and I am proud of our teams across the business who have all played a part in securing this vital new infrastructure for our capital city and its surrounds.

Ben Butler
Chief Financial Officer

Key performance indicators


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Underlying revenue

 £181.8 million

Revenue increased by 30.8% compared with 2021 as a result of the addition of £21.7m of revenue from the Barking operations aquired at the start of the year. Like-for-like revenue is £161.1m (+15%) due to strong revenue growth through increased processing and higher electricity prices. Average gate fee prices increased by 4.7% compared with 2021.


£82.5 million

EBITDA increased by 12.2% compared with 2021 as a result of additional electricity revenue, additional waste volumes received and an increase in gate fees. Like-for-like operational costs increased by 7% compared with 2021, mainly as a result of higher energy input costs.

Non-recyclable waste diverted from landfill

969,000 tonnes

Processing at Riverside 1 has increased by 7kt from the prior year. A further 180kt of non-recyclable waste has been processed at the newly-acquired Barking facility.

Electricity generated

565 GWh

Electricity generated increased by 6.2% on 2021. This was due to an increase in the efficiency of the plant with 0.72MWh of electricity generated from each tonne of waste processed compared with 0.68MWh in 2021 (+5.9%). The volume of waste processed by the Riverside 1 EfW plant also increased (+1.0%), which contributed to the volume of electricity exported.

Recyclable waste sorted

77,000 tonnes

The volume of recyclable waste processed increased by 6kt compared with 2021, due to the addition of Barking recycling operations.

Annual Report 2022

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