The Group performed strongly in 2023, with excellent performance from our operational assets and significant progress with the construction our Riverside 2 project, which will be operational in 2026.

Results like these do not happen by accident – our performance and progress in 2023 reflect the hard work and imagination of all our employees across the business, as well staunch support from our suppliers and our customers. I would like to thank you all!

Ben Butler
Chief Financial Officer

Key performance indicators


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 £199.5 million

Revenue increased by 9.1 per cent compared with 2022, mainly due to an increase in contracted gate fees and higher electricity prices. Gains were offset by lower volumes of waste processed at the Barking site as operations were interrupted in the second half year to allow the relocation of waste equipment as part of the development of the new Riverside 2 transfer station.


£81.2 million

EBITDA decreased slightly compared with
2022 – a reduction of 1.6 per cent. This decline, in
spite of higher electricity and waste prices, was due to the loss of c.92GWh of electricity export due to the disconnection of the Riverside 1 EfW plant from the electricity grid to allow planned maintenance works to be completed.

Non-recyclable waste diverted from landfill

936,000 tonnes

Processing at Riverside 1 has increased
by 1kt from the prior year. This gain is offset by a 34kt reduction in the waste processed into RDF at the Barking site due to the relocation of waste equipment during the year to facilitate the construction of the Riverside 2 transfer station.



476 GWh

Electricity generation decreased by 15.8 per cent compared with 2022. This was due to the disconnection of the Riverside 1 plant from the local electricity grid for 53 days to allow the local grid operator to carry out planned maintenance works. As a result, the plant generated 0.60MWh/tonne of waste processed compared with 0.72MWh/tonne achieved in 2022.

Recyclable waste sorted

75,000 tonnes

The volume of recyclable waste processed decreased by 2kt compared with 2022 mainly due to a reduction in the comingled recycling volumes received by the Smugglers Way MRF, which is consistent with a gradual reduction in household waste arisings observed since the Covid pandemic.

Annual Report 2023

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