The quality of our suppliers and business partners are integral to the success of our operations and the long-term sustainability of our business. 

We want to work with suppliers who share our vision for the future and who take pride and responsibility in their operations.

As such, we expect the businesses who work with us to adhere to the standards set out in Cory’s Code of Conduct and to replicate the same standards within their own business and supply chain. 

In doing so, we hope to build long lasting and efficient relationships that work for us, our Suppliers and business partners, and for the communities we work in.

Our Code of Conduct sets out our expectations of suppliers in the following areas:

At Cory, we are committed to continually improving our health and safety performance and to ensuring that our employees and those who may be affected by our activities and operations do not have their health or safety influenced adversely. We seek to work with Supplier Partners who have a similarly robust and dynamic approach.

Our Supplier Partners agree to comply with all health and safety rules and regulations and any other security, site or plant rules or requirements that apply at any of Cory’s sites.

You can view Cory’s own health and safety policy here.

Sustainability is central to Cory’s business, its purpose and its future vision. We want to play a part in delivering net zero and to support our local communities and environments. In order for us to hit our goals, the sustainability of our supply chain are crucial and that is why we are committed to sustainable procurement.

Cory is committed to continually developing our approach to sustainability to ensure we are making a positive contribution to society long into the future. For us to achieve our goals, the performance of our supply chain is crucial. We expect our Supplier Partners to minimise detrimental impacts on the environment and society, and to contribute positively towards good governance and environmental and social protection. We expect our Supplier Partners to consider their impacts and undertake specific actions such as maximising energy efficiency, minimising waste and reducing their carbon footprint.

You can view our sustainable procurement policy and energy and environment policy here.

Cory is an investor in people and is staunchly against any and all forms of discrimination and any breach of workers’ rights. Supplier Partners shall make the following key commitments and, where relevant, have appropriate policies in place to ensure compliance by their employees:

  • Not to victimize, harass or discriminate against any employee or any contractual third party due to their sex, gender identity/expression, marital or civil partnership status, race, ethnicity or national origin, disability, religion, sexual orientation, age or part-time status.
  • To adhere to applicable laws relating to the minimum working age and not engage in the employment of child labour, directly or indirectly.
  • At a minimum, to meet the legal minimum wage across their workforce and to limit working hours to that required by national or local laws.

Modern slavery

Modern slavery is a criminal offence and is a very real risk to our staff and much of our supply chain. Cory publishes an annual modern slavery statement and is committed to the eradication of modern slavery through positive action. 

We expect our Supplier Partners to have and maintain their own policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and all applicable anti-slavery and human trafficking laws, regulations and codes and to notify Cory as soon as it becomes aware of any breach or potential breach of such laws, regulations and codes, or of its own policies. 

Cory’s statement on modern slavery and human trafficking can be found here.

Cory takes a zero tolerance approach to bribery, corruption, and the facilitation of tax evasion. Each Supplier Partner will ensure in all of its relevant dealings that it will:

  • Comply, and procure that its employees, agents, sub-consultants, and sub-contractors comply, with all applicable laws, regulations, and codes relating to anti-bribery and anti-corruption including but not limited to the Bribery Act 2010 and the Criminal Finances Act 2017.
  • Comply with all legislative requirements in relation to the antifacilitation of tax evasion, including (but not limited to) the Criminal Finances Act 2017 and the maintenance of adequate internal procedures to ensure compliance and the prevention of tax evasion.
  • Comply with all applicable competition laws, regulations, rules and codes and ensure it has measures in place to guarantee that any and all anti-competitive behaviour is forbidden within its business.
  • Notify Cory of any breach or potential breach of any competition, anti-bribery and corruption or anti-facilitation of tax evasion laws, regulations and codes and/or any breach of the relevant Supplier Partner’s own policies in relation to the same

Our Supplier Partners confirm that false information will not be given in the course of commercial negotiations. The confidentiality of information exchanged in the course of business must be respected and never shared outside of the Supplier Partner’s business, used for illegal purposes or for individual gain.

We expect our Supplier Partners to conduct themselves professionally and not to bring Cory’s name into disrepute.

To the extent sensitive or personal data is shared in the course of business, our Supplier Partners will comply with all requirements of applicable data protection laws.

At Cory we are committed to the prompt payment of our Supplier Partners, in line with our payment terms. We expect our Supplier Partners to pay their supply chain promptly and to ensure compliance, to the greatest extent possible, with their own contractual payment terms.

Any Supplier Partner concerns should be communicated to the relevant Cory contract manager. This will be the Cory employee you are communicating with in relation to the relevant contract, unless you are notified otherwise.

All Supplier Partners should adhere to the above standards and, to the extent they apply to its contracts with Cory, to Cory’s standard purchase order terms. Suppliers should notify Cory at the engagement stage if they have any issues complying with these standards. Cory reserves the right to request further information from a Supplier Partner relating to its compliance with any of the standards set out in this code of conduct. Cory shall be entitled to carry out audits to ensure any Supplier Partner’s continued compliance with the standards. Any Supplier Partner who breaches any of the standards set out herein will have appropriate action taken against them which may include termination of the relationship. To the extent any proven breach is criminal, Cory will work with the relevant authorities in relation to prosecution proceedings.

Download Cory’s Code of Conduct 

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