Tuesday, 4th June, 2019

Cory Riverside Energy releases its 2018 Sustainability Report

Today Cory Riverside Energy (Cory) has published its first sustainability report outlining the company’s sustainable business strategy.

In developing this strategy, Cory has established five priority areas to guide future activity: resource management and recovery, people, powering local communities, business integrity, and advocacy and partnerships. Each priority is covered in the report, accompanied by examples of how the strategy is already being put into action.

The report also offers operational highlights from the business. 2018 was an exceptionally busy year for Cory, with examples of activity including:

• The Riverside energy from waste facility handled 735,099 tonnes of non-recyclable, residual waste in 2018, turning it into enough power for c. 100,000 homes
• All of the incinerator bottom ash was recycled and used to supply construction projects across the UK, reducing the need for virgin materials
• 89% of the waste was transported by river, making London’s roads safer and cleaner by removing 85,000 lorry movements
• 66,000 tonnes of material were processed in its Materials Recycling Facility in Wandsworth including 3,600 tonnes of plastic, with further recycling occurring at the civic amenities sites Cory operates.

CEO of Cory Riverside Energy, Dougie Sutherland, said: “Our sustainability strategy is fundamental to delivering an efficient and sustainable resource management solution to London and we are challenging ourselves to do more.

“We continue to make significant investments into our efficient, low emission EfW facility as well as our river fleet to keep lorries off London’s roads. We are planning to invest a further £500 million in our proposed integrated Riverside Energy Park and an enhanced river fleet so that we remain a successful business that delivers a leading environmental service to London.

“Sustainability isn’t only about the environment, it’s also about ensuring we keep ourselves and each other safe; acting in a responsible and financially sustainable manner; working with our clients, communities and partners; and investing in people to ensure we can operate long into the future. We are immensely proud of that.

“By analysing our progress throughout 2018, we have produced a set of targets for the future to ensure we grow sustainably and can continue to help solve the waste capacity gap that London faces well into the future. This first report provides an important first step in tracking our sustainability journey.”

A copy of the report can be found here: https://www.coryenergy.com/sustainability/overview/