Monday, 5th June, 2023

Cory launches early consultation on decarbonisation plans

  •  Proposal includes technology to capture c.1.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, by 2030
  • Project will be instrumental for achieving Cory’s net zero emissions target
  •  Six weeks of consultation will run from Monday 5 June to Friday 14 July

Local people are being invited to make the most of an early opportunity to have their say on Cory’s plans to decarbonise its energy from waste (EfW) facilities in Belvedere.

Cory’s industry-leading project includes installing technology that will capture the carbon dioxide emitted by its existing and in-development EfW facilities. The proposal also includes exploring the potential for producing low carbon hydrogen onsite.

This introductory consultation will run from Monday 5 June to Friday 14 July 2023 and there will be opportunities to speak about the project with the Cory team at pop-up events and webinars. Feedback and comments on the proposals can also be submitted by email, post or via the website, and there will be further opportunities for local people to have their say as the project progresses.

In total, Cory’s project has the potential to capture c.1.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year by 2030, decarbonising the EfW process and contributing to the UK’s net zero targets by delivering negative carbon emissions. This will enable Cory to decarbonise its business and achieve its goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2040.

Commenting on the announcement, Richard Wilkinson, Project Director at Cory, said: “We are already proud to be delivering an important service to our local communities by providing reliable, efficient, and safe waste management services that divert waste from landfill.

“However, we want to go further to reduce our carbon impact and become net zero in our operations. Installing carbon capture and storage technology is recognised as being the best approach for EfW facilities to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions, and this early consultation is an important first step in the process.”

The consultation is open from Monday 5 June to Friday 14 July. To find out more, share feedback, or register for a webinar, please visit Feedback can also be sent by mail to FREEPOST CORY CCS or by email to